Persuasive Speech Outline On Immigration Reform

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Introduction and Presentation Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to my speech and thank you very much for coming here today! Some of you already know me, but for those who do not; my name is Miriem Hansen, and I am 19 years old and I study Accounting and Finance at the University of London. Outline I am here today to give you a speech on the new Immigration Reform in the United States. Obama has recently introduced the Immigration Reform to the people. But what does the reform mean, and how will it benefit both the American population and the undocumented immigrants? There are always two sides of a coin, and I will dig into that in my speech. The US Immigration Reform 2014 Barack Obama recently presented the Immigration Accountability Executive Action to the American population that will result in looser regulations regarding illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants that have been in the United States for at least 5 years and undocumented parents of children that are US citizens or legal permit residents, and the Dreamers that examined in 2012 will be able to stay in the US legally . The new reform will, furthermore, also grant work permit for those who are eligible, allowing them to work in the country , as it will result in more competitive labour market in the United States. Donald Trump’s Viewpoints Donald Trump is opposed to…show more content…
She came from Mexico to the United States with a tourist visa. When the tourist visa expired, she became an unregistered immigrant. Due to the recently enacted Immigration Law that allowed students to enrol for university, Julissa got accepted at the University of Texas. In 2004, she applied for a summer internship at Goldman Sachs and she worked so well that Julissa was asked to return full-time, after she graduated. In 2011, she became vice-president and earns around $400,000 a year
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