Persuasive Speech Outline On Pets

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Ciara Hebert
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Why you should have a pet:
Key points/Outline:
1) Reduces stress Increases happiness
a. Pet is a healthy way to vent
b. Pet doesn’t judge you
c. When you pet an animal it reduces your cortisol hormone, the primary stress hormone
2) Betters your health
a. Decreased heart disease risk
b. Reduces blood pressure
c. Decrease cholesterol
3) Teaches responsibility
a. Nothing can teach more responsibility than keeping another being alive
b. Have to feed, groom, walk, give water, maintain a clean habitat and play with the animal
1) Forbes: “Pet Owners may have Decreased Risk for Heart Disease”
Glatter, R. (2013, May 11). Pet Owners May Have Lower Risk For Heart Disease. Retrieved April 14,

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