Persuasive Speech Outline On Retesting Drivers

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Topic: Retesting Drivers After the Age of Seventy Specific purpose: Inform audience of the dangers of elderly driving and persuade their opinion towards retesting licenses after the age of seventy. Thesis: Reevaluating the policies concerning driver’s license retesting and taking notice of these potential threats can lead to a safer environment on the roadways. Introduction I. Attention-getting device: How many of you have ever been stereotyped as a bad driver due to your age? While it’s true some millennials drive like race car drivers on their way to school, the general public’s fear of young drivers tends to overshadow the dangers presented by drivers on the other end of the age spectrum. II. Credibility Statement: As a young child, I loved to ride in the car with my grandfather. However,…show more content…
Cause: A. Cause 1: Safe driving is like a card game. You must have the full deck in order to succeed. But, as you age it seems a few of these cards tend to get lost. 1. “Slow response time, loss of clarity in vision and hearing, loss of muscle strength and flexibility, drowsiness due to medications, and a reduction in the ability to focus or concentrate” are all effects of aging identified in Westport News’s March 2010 article “Should elderly drivers be retested?” 2. Although some older drivers try to make up for these disabilities by driving more cautious, driving below the speed limit can cause more dangers. B. Cause 2: The trend of increases in fatal accidents involving elderly people is partially due to an increased susceptibility to injury and medical complications within this age group. Transition 3: While car accidents involving the elderly is a widespread issue, there are multiple solutions that can be implemented to reduce the likelihood of this occurring. III. Solution: Introducing new driver’s license retesting laws and taking personal steps towards addressing this issue can both work towards creating a safer environment for those on the
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