Persuasive Speech Outline: The Flint Water Crisis

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The Flint water crisis is an ongoing catastrophe that is currently affecting around 98,310 resident’s water supply in Michigan. What makes matters worse is that this particular area is already poverty stricken, with 41% of house hold income averaging around $24,862. (CNN) With that being said they don’t have the money to just up and move because of contaminated water. The people of Flint are suffering physically, mentally and emotionally because of the water crisis, the rising levels of lead found in the water have caused brain damage, hair loss and even cancer. The government has been taking an ample amount of time to resolve this matter, but have yet to come up with a solution to the problem. I say it is up to the people of America,…show more content…
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Intro: Imagine turning on the sink foist at home and brown contaminated water comes out. Would you drink it?
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1. The 2014 decision
a. Because of construction being done on the pipes in Lake Huron Flint’s government officials decided to switch the water supply to the Flint River.
b. The river was aimed to be the water supply for only two years (2016) until pipes were fixed.

2. What they didn’t do
a. Add the necessary chemicals to prevent corrosion from entering the pipes
- Cost about $100 a day $36,500 a year to add the phosphate to prevent high lead levels
b. Let the public know in time
- Feb 10 2015 The U.S environmental protection agency gave the mayor 15 days to inform the residents that the water contained high lead levels or further action would be taken.
- That means they were without clean water for at least a year before being notified. 3. The after
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Residents started to report that they were experiencing rapid hair loss, chronic migraines and blurry vision. (congressional digest) - These are common side effects of lead poisoning that can be fatal if not treated in time. b. A funding plan is under go as we speak to tackle the current crisis at hand. - Republican proposal of $50 million and $500 in

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