Essay On Overcome Procrastination

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Overcome Procrastination and Get Motivated Procrastination in some form affects us all. It is present in everyone's life, so don't feel like you are the only one fighting this battle. The truth is, we all have things - tasks, chores, projects, decisions, or actions that we delay or put off. We all enjoy the comfort of doing what is fun and easy. Who really wants to do things that are difficult, challenging, uncomfortable, tedious, hard, or boring? Here is our dilemma: we procrastinate because, as "immediate gratification" people we enjoy the short-lived pleasure of not doing what we don't want to do. We get to stay in our comfort zones and avoid the pain we dislike feeling. However, by doing so, we create longer-term, more severe conditions,…show more content…
Think about it this way: determine the order of things that must occur in order to complete the task, and then simply do each one as a task in itself. You will enjoy the fulfilling feeling of accomplishment as you complete each step, and before you know it, the entire task will be done! Feeling overwhelmed is a major contributor to procrastination, and by making big things small, you eliminate this obstacle. Nine. Clear Your Mind Procrastination is a mindset. If you are like most of us, as the time approaches to begin working on a task, you will begin to think about the reason you really don't want to do it. Your thought are powerful and capable of detouring you away from acting. When this happens, you have a choice to make. If you give in, you will miss your scheduled task and afterwards feel terrible. If you decide to push through, you will feel the satisfaction that comes with accomplishment. CHECK YOUR THOUGHTS. If you are thinking about putting your task off, change what you are thinking about. Clear your mind of the task. Think about something else. Think about something that makes you happy. Think about how blessed you are - even if you are in a place you hate and are struggling. Then, at your scheduled time, just begin your
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