Persuasive Speech

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1.0 Introduction Every single one of us is guilty of being afraid of something that we don’t know. The more something appears different from what we used to, the more outlandish our reaction will be. This is expected since we all are actually somewhat resistant and reluctant to change our safe or familiar views, belief, and attitude when challenged by a new demanding and clashing perspective. Moreover, we worked tirelessly to create peace and tranquillity on the environment around us and in our internal self, why would we then invite external forces to disrupt the structure? Why rock the boat when it has been sailing smoothly since the beginning of time? In reality, it is actually in our nature to change and adapt to situations that oppose our ‘default settings’. The world is ever-changing. The universe has never stopped expanding. While it is true that we all are afraid of what we don’t know, but the vast majority of us are curious and eager to at least comprehend what is actually happening. Our sense of control would almost always drive us to learn and open ourselves to endless possibilities as the world has so much to offer. Practically all of us are ready and willing to compromise on a few key aspects that made our lives the way it was. Unfortunately, in our search to quench the thirst of knowledge and understanding, some of us fell prey to the unjust. These people have their own agenda that they want to further as it is beneficial to them here and now. They were led

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