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You take a long walk, hoping to stop for a drink of water. You notice a drinking fountain right in front of Smart and FInal. You bend down for a drink, but then you remember an add that you saw on the news this morning. “No more tap, no more issues. Drink Dasani water and you’ll be safe! You hurry into the store, glancing at the price of the water $2.00. “Well, that’s a lot of money,”you think. You pay and than drink it in about 5 minutes. It bounces of the rim of the recycling can, and falls into the garbage. A few minutes later, you notice a plastic garbage bag hanging from a tree, and a Coke can in the ocean, bobbing up and down.

I think plastic should be banned because it is harmful to
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Then there would be no animals, or sea life in the ocean. We would actually suffer from that because a large amount of people like fish. Imagine never eating anything, anything from the ocean again. No sushi, fish, calamari, or even seaweed. Also, don’t we like a nice beach day? This would not be good at all.

Millions of your money has been spent every year on guess what? Plastic. Yes, the thing you drink from, the container that holds your pringles, and even those fiddly little toys that kids enjoy playing with. Little do you know this though, and also, you could be drinking from the tap right now and getting more nutrients than what you are guzzling from a bottle for $5.00.

Think of it. Malibu has just finally banned plastic, and only 66.7% of the class is using reusable bags at the grocery store. Think of that! 33.3% sometimes use them. Now, all we need to do is convince that 33.3% to bring reusable bags to the grocery store. If we keep on buying more and more of these bags for 10 cents, we will ruin our earth because it will choke landfills, and pick at your wallet.

Plastic actually costs a lot more than making the plastic. If you buy a plastic water bottle for $2.00, you are actually paying for something that is worth
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