Smoking Recommendation Essay

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Recommendation of smoking According to this issue, we have recommended some solutions in order to solve or prevent this problem. First of all, we should be tried to change the younger smokers mind and perception. This is because when their minds are going to change to positive can prevent the issue indirectly. Thus, we need to invite the ex-smoker comes to school and share his/her experience to all students. As an ex-smoker, they have more and more experience and method that can help students to be away from the cigarette and cherish their health. They know how to relearn habit and further to quitting smoking. For it, ex-smoker knows that are a lot of things that can influenced someone towards to smoking. For example, when the students…show more content…
Thus, we have to take the way “to fight fire with fire” let them to giving up the curiosity of cigarettes. For it, we suggest to bring the students to the smoking area which is involving the most smokers and also addicted to cigarettes. According to this, the smokers gave the area a foul atmosphere. Those are such a heavy environmental pollution in the smoking area. Besides that, they all are looking pale, got a very yellow and dirty teeth and finger, bad smell in clothes and hair and etc. For those who are not smoking will feel difficulty in breathing and want to leave the place quickly. Similarly, for those who are smoking they will feel more fearful because they aware they will become the people like in front of their eyes if they are not to stop smoking. In addition, some of them just wanted to show off because they think it looks cool. Others start because of their friends and etc. Therefore, the main that we bring them to these places are giving students slowly changing their perception of smoke. This is because “once you start, it is hard to stop”. Smoking is a hard habit to break especially for those people who are highly addictive. Thus, the reality can directly or indirectly give the students a caution that their own health and cleanliness are such a important things in the
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