Example Of Persuasive Speech On Suicide

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Self harm could decrease suicide rates

You are tired of running, aren’t you? The demons from your past lurking from behind, ready to maul you any second now. Your lungs, they are burning. Heart pounding inside those frail rib cages of yours as though screaming with all its might to be freed. How about you? When will you escape? Your feet, they are now sore and sweaty--almost numb from endless running. Yet you keep going. You just cannot let them catch you. Run. Run as fast as you can and evade these monsters. It will all be over soon. Oh! Suddenly you tripped. Your feet got caught in between the tangled roots of this forest. Pitch black is all you can see-- an approaching abysmal darkness of cold and fear. Will this be the end?, you thought as you are slowly devoured by this seemingly endless void. Then and there, you wake up.
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Are we not all tired of running? Of keeping up with the fast pace of this unkind thing called life? Of battling with our personal demons? Of dwelling in a place where fear and anguish take on different forms. I do not want to make this speech sound like an infernal tale to you but I am pretty sure we all are. We are all tired, some of us here are bold enough to admit it, some just get along with it like nothing mattered. However, ladies and gentlemen, at this moment, as you breathe or scratch your head or even think of when will this boring speech end, someone’s life is at stake. Someone, somewhere in this ominous world, is contemplating his or her existence. Pondering whether would it be worthwhile to pursue living or not. Some of you here, in this room, might be thinking the same thing. My dear listeners, you are not
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