Persuasive Speech: Should Men And Women Communicate Differently?

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Have you ever asked your mom if you could go somewhere and she asks you ten incisive questions about where you’re going but if you ask your dad the same question he will answer with one word? This is because men and women communicate differently. We can’t change how our brains are wired. We also don’t get to choose who we fall in love with. Many of us don’t know what love is or feels like. We all hope it’s like the movies and we live happily ever after but that’s not usually how it works. All couples have their ups and downs. Men and women are different in so many ways when it comes to love. It’s like they speak two different languages. Today, I am going to persuade you that men and women speak different languages of love because of how they grew up, how they communicate, and how they solve problems and handle stress differently. Many of us are young and have never been in love before but as we go off to college we might find love.…show more content…
Girls and boys develop different sides of the brain growing up which is a phenomenon. Girls learn to communicate and read, which is the right side of the brain. Boys learn visual tasks and problem-solving skills first, which is the left side of the brain(Relationship Institute 2015). We both eventually develop both sides of the brain but growing up girls and boys develop different sides of the brain at different times.Also, growing up men and women are treated differently. Girls are talked to softer than boys are by adults(Relationship Institute 2015).When girls are young, they look at their moms as there heroes, or someone they want to be like. They follow their mom around so they can be just like them. Most girls see their parents in love and want to find love like them. Boys, on the other hand, are more independent but still look up to their dads(Person 1988). Boys learn to protect and provide for their
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