Graduation Speech: Space Station Martyr

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[tr4]Space Station Martyr course to destination is set to reach in 15 minutes.[/td4]

Space Station Martyr is on course to collision in 15 minutes.

“Houston. Why did no one tell me this would be a suicide mission?”

At least the view is fantastic from where I stand.

“Martyr, this is Houston. You’re doing the entire world an enormous favor and everyone here present is proud for your sacrifice.”

“Houston. I would have liked to be alive to receive that gratitude. I mean what’s the point in saving the world, if I can’t even enjoy the benefits?”

Honestly, these assholes saying whatever they please, since it’s not their asses getting blown up. All my life I just wanted to be alone to enjoy myself and what better opportunity to enjoy that kind of lifestyle than being an astronaut. I won’t say that I worked my ass off, but I tried
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Man, but seriously, this view of the earth is nothing compared to looking at pictures on the internet. Looking at how all the lights pop up at soon as the sun’s gone, how the light travels from one side to the other and looking at how the clouds form to either harmless or to furious hurricanes is just too much to describe into words.

I’m sad that I won’t be able to experience this kind of sense, but I’m happy that I get to protect something this beautiful, even if no one appreciate the things unknown people do to protect that kind of peace. Honestly, I feel like some sort of protector, not like a god but rather like a parent watching their child growing up. It’s sad that I won’t be here to watch how things progress on the planet but at least I can die knowing I did my part to help the growth of mankind whether it’s to its destruction or salvation.

Immediate impact collision countdown has begun.


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