Persuasive Speech: Space Station Martyr Course To Space

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[tr4]Space Station Martyr course to destination is set to reach in 15 minutes.[/td4] Attention Warning Space Station Martyr is on course to collision in 15 minutes. “Houston. Why did no one tell me this would be a suicide mission?” At least the view is fantastic from where I stand. “Martyr, this is Houston. You’re doing the entire world an enormous favor and everyone here present is proud for your sacrifice.” “Houston. I would have liked to be alive to receive that gratitude. I mean what’s the point in saving the world, if I can’t even enjoy the benefits?” Honestly, these assholes saying whatever they please, since it’s not their asses getting blown up. All my life I just wanted to be alone to enjoy myself and what better opportunity to enjoy that kind of lifestyle than being an astronaut. I won’t say…show more content…
The main headquarters for launches were always an eccentric bunch with their naming of equipment and rockets, but otherwise they were good guys, I just wish I had noticed their actions earlier before I was sent to this particular mission. I would never blame them since they were only doing their jobs, but I guess that’s one of negatives of being a loner, a lack of picking up on social cues. Should I have tried to befriend them, maybe, just maybe, they would have tried to get me to play sick to not be chosen for this particular mission. I don’t have many people who would be sad about me dying, since my parents are dead. I have only a few people I would truly call friends that will mourn for me after this whole fiasco is over with, should NASA even reveal the mission to the public. I don’t have many regrets in my life, but I just wish I could have more time to enjoy the view of earth. Attention Space Station Martyr is set to arriving to its destination in 5

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