Persuasive Speech: Students Need No-Drive

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Good morning/afternoon Mr/Madam Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, today we will be discussing how driving privileges should not depend on or be connected to grades and attendance. One reason we should not have No-pass, No-drive laws this is because the effective and because each state has its own way of implementing these policies. For example in the article “NPDP Effective Answer to Dropout epidemic?” states that Arkansas requires students to have a minimum GPA of 2.0 (a C average) To get a license and never checks students grades again. Another example is, in many stations are not specific enough to be effective. In addition, many state students only have to attend school until they're sixteen or Seventeen, therefore teens can choose to drop out instead of forfeiting their driver's license. Additionally, we should not require students to do well in school in order to acquire a driver's license because it punishes students who are already struggling in school.
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For example, in the article “Rules of the Road”, by Sheena Jefferson states that 2,000 schools in the US are responsible for more than half of high school dropouts. These areas are located in places with poverty,gangs, drug abuse, and family problems.

What is the opposing side has stated that No-pass, No-drive laws will improve the graduation rate in high school students. However, this is not accurate because these laws punish students who are already struggling. For example, Cara Roberts (spokesperson for Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce) states that kids who are struggling in school should get vocational education instead of punishment. According to “No-pass, No-drive:Effective Answer to Dropout Epidemic?”, by James Marshall
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