Persuasive Speech: Surveillance Cameras

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Topic: Surveillance cameras in public places such as malls and streets are a great idea to increase security against criminals and not a breach of privacy.
Proposition: Persuade the people to support the use of CCTV in public places which can increase the presence of security in that particular area.

Specific Objectives:
- To discuss the uses of CCTV specifically on security and crime prevention;
- To explain that “lawful” use of CCTV cameras do not violate one’s right to privacy; and
- To encourage people to support the use of CCTV in the country.

I. Attention /Introduction
A. Attention Grabber
Picture yourself shopping at a store on a mall. You were enjoying yourself strolling through the merchandise of the store when you noticed that
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I myself experienced this where the lack of surveillance made me vulnerable to evil doers. Many years ago, my gadget was robbed at a shopping mall and I was unable to find the criminal since no one witnessed the incident.
C. Preview/Thesis
Now, with my atrocious experience, I am here to encourage you to support the use of Closed Circuit Televisions or CCTVs in public areas by presenting its applications in increasing security and to clarify that its usage is not a breach of privacy.
Transition: Now, let me ask you. What will you think if this type of scenario happened to you?
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Regarding this, I want you to imagine a CCTV monitored playground with kids playing on it. Although some people might find it creepy that someone is watching them, picture out the sense of security provided by the CCTVs to the parents of these children. Now, let’s look at the bigger picture. Visualize the country where every intersection, road and public areas are monitored by CCTVs. Imagine that every road accident, crime can be recorded and all offenders can be traced and put to justice.
Transition: With these benefits, CCTVs are indeed an indispensable tool not only in security but in the progress of businesses as well.
V. Action/Conclusion
A. Review/Recap
Today, I told you the several benefits of CCTV and that its lawful use is not a breach of privacy.
B. Given the immense number of benefits that CCTV can bring to us, I’m asking you to consider supporting their usage for the betterment of our society.
C. Closure
Your support on the implementation of security cameras on the country can just be the start of an era where safety isn’t only on our homes but on the outside as well. The opportunity to have an improved national security is in your hands. Are you willing to take
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