Persuasive Speech: The Benefits Of Learning Martial Arts

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Martial arts are known as the ultimate self-defence mechanism for not only kids and teenagers, but for adults and old men and women too. Most people nowadays think that martial arts are just a type of sport. But, whoever learns martial arts knows better that martial arts are more than just a type of sport. It cannot be denied that martial arts can give negative side effect if it is used in the wrong way, but, there are more advantages than disadvantages in learning martial arts. So, everyone should practice martial arts because martial arts are one of the excellent ways to get in shape, it can improve fighting ability, people who do martial arts will learn to be discipline and martial arts fit mind and body when stress. Firstly, learning martial arts is an excellent way to get in shape. Women who really want a beautiful body figure and men who want to have a tough body should start to learn martial arts. The…show more content…
In 2011, Hart said that martial arts can fit personality and body when pessimistic vitality realized by anxiety is discharged through its specific activities, after the instructional course one would feel calm and relax. He then mentioned that as the muscle tones are improved, calories are burned and a good blood circulation is achieved. This will improve our breathing regulation because the bloods that carry oxygen throughout our body are flowing regularly. Because of how the workouts in martial arts take place, many calories were burned. We can lose our body weight when we practice martial arts. To support this statement, in 2010, Rodriguez stated that martial arts not only burning calories and toning muscles, martial arts also help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight. Stevens also support this statement where children can learn how to breathe correctly and can relax under pressure when practicing martial

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