Persuasive Speech: The Dangers Of Cigarette Smoking

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As per the latest study conducted by the World Health Organization, one billion people smoke worldwide, which constitute about 20% of the entire world population. Cigarette smoking has numerous health hazards however, lung cancer is the most known to generations. Smoking, at the same time, is also responsible for cardiovascular disease and heart stroke. But accelerated aging continues to remain the most ignored and standard side effect of smoking. Although, aging is an unstoppable natural phenomenon of the human body, which none of us really likes, consistent smokers get this damage severed, in a more intense and rapid way. Let us understand how smoking impacts certain areas under the aging process • SKIN: Cigarette smoking devolves in us, the key components that maintain a youthful appearance namely- collagen, elastin and tissues. i) Wrinkles:…show more content…
You may begin with gradually decreasing the number of cigarettes smoked per day, but that’s ok! It demands a lot of determination and positive attitude over a long span of time to be able to become smoke free. After all, it is needless to expect, that this addiction will just magically disappear overnight, although the end result is no less than a magic. • Seek help: Undoubtedly your will power is the most important aspect of your ‘quit-smoking’ pact. However, it is not wise to solely rely on it. Ask your friends and family for their support whenever you see yourself giving up to that cigarette pack. They will keep you in high spirits and ensure that you make it till the end. Whatever your excuse may be for adorning this evil habit, this column will make you realise, it is not worth it. No matter at what stage of addiction you are, it is still possible to retreat and fight against rapid aging, which is caused by smoking. Fortunately, you also have great anti aging cosmetic range, like the life cell anti aging cream, backing you in the
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