Persuasive Speech: The Fear Of Flying In The Disney World

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I was never a fan of flying. It’s not that I’m afraid of heights or anything, it’s just the idea of flying. Launching up into the sky, by an airplane specifically, is quite scary, if you think about it. Just imagine every possible way something could go wrong. The plane could get stuck in a storm and crash. It could also run out of fuel and no one knows it, that would also make the plane crash. Maybe the plane won’t fly high enough, and it could even hit a building! All of these result in you falling to your death. Occasionally, people just can’t seem to figure out why a plane crashes. Scarily enough, I died in a plane crash! Can you even believe it? Why me? The girl that is TERRIFIED by the thought of being up in the sky, dies in the sky.…show more content…
I always slept through the sounds of the other one. So my mom decided to get me the most clamorous one there was. Does my mother want me to be deaf? Today I am going to Disney World. I’m confident that the other kids would eagerly jump out of bed, and then proceed to frantically get their stuff together for the kind of vacation they were about to go on, but I wasn’t this way. I mean I guess I should be excited, I have loved everything Disney for my entire life! The only reason why I’m not super thrilled about this trip it because I hate airplanes. Maybe if I go back to sleep, my parents will forget about me. I pray they forget about me. I reached over to my alarm clock and slammed the button to terminate the sound. I went back to…show more content…
I cautiously walked into the plane. I got to sit right next to my brother. It seemed that he wanted to annoy me out of my mind. He pulled my hair, so I pushed him away. He said he needed “REVENGE!!!!” and proceeded to then grab my ponytail and yank it as hard as he could. I let out a scream, and then me and my brother were separated, with my mom sitting in between us. Announcements were made, and I accepted my fate of being on this flight, I have done it before, and there never have been any serious problems, so it was about time for me to let it go. Now it was about 1:00 PM, and the plane started to take off. I hated the feeling. My ears hurt so much. It didn’t feel right. All of the sudden I started to feel really sick. My mom told me to look out the window because I could see the clouds. I didn’t want to. It was quite silent, and I right there I had the worst headache in the world. My mom also didn’t look too good, it was getting harder to breathe. All of the sudden, the flight attendant and co-pilot were running frantically throughout the plane, looking for something. I felt my heart drop, literally. I, even with my seatbelt, was shot directly into the ceiling, the passengers around me, crying, screaming, it reminded me of my brother. I looked around for my brother, and I couldn’t see him anywhere. The oxygen masks were released from the overhead, just as they had said would happen in the case of an emergency.

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