Persuasive Speech: The Five Different Strategies For Running

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1) You lose yourself in the beat of your footsteps.
When you run, you can feel the energy throughout your body. There is no other feeling in the world like running. Everything around you seems inconsequential. The sounds of your footsteps fade away all your problems and make you feel free. Eventually, you can only hear the sounds of your footsteps and the beating of your heart. There is no way to mess up when you run. Above all, the best feeling while you run is the peace.

2) No one is watching you.
As you run you may feel insecure, as if someone is judging you. Not everyone is in the best shape. Just know that when you’re running people are not judging you. You may receive an occasional glance or two ,but soon the person removes their eyes off of you. Many people are insecure ,but you can’t let that affect you from doing something you love, running.

3) You lose weight.
As I began to run more often you could see the
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First, you must always breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. If you breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose it will be harder for you to gain enough oxygen while you run. Second, you should set a goal for yourself. Bring a timer and an app or watch that tracks the number of miles or the distance that you run. Third, make sure you wear the proper shoes. If you want the best results for your time and for your feet wear running shoes. The fourth strategy is to pace yourself! If you can manage a pace between sprinting and walking chances are you will have a great time. You can not just sprint because you will get tired easily and you can’t just walk because you will sustain an unpleasant time. Lastly, you should have a partner or something to inspire you to run. If you have a partner you will feel more motivated to run faster and try your best. Anything that inspires you will make you push harder to become better at
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