Graduation Speech: Why You Need To Set Your Goals

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You have been told so many times that you need to set your goals and accomplish them the best and fastest way you can, and I understand, as a regular goal-setter myself, how it could sometimes be really hard to work on them as soon as they have made their presence felt. With the issue of procrastination set aside, one of the most palpable reasons why people tend to disregard their goals is that they do not fully understand why they have to successfully carry out those things in the first place. More often than not, they cannot find enough grounds to sway themselves into achieving their aims. And, this is where I want to be of great help to you, dispirited souls!
There are ten items below, almost trying so hard to encourage you to get back to your original goals and do them like a pro. There is no use in leaving them all piled up at a corner till they turn into dust and eventually vanish.
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You become more adept when it comes to planning. Achieving one goal calls for an utterly detailed plan, the same way as when you are writing an article and you need to make an outline of ideas before anything else takes place. With the number of goals you currently have and will be having in the future, it is safe to say that you will be considered as the ‘Master of Plans’ like no other in no time. Do not plan about bad stuff, though.
6. Your goals keep you focused. When you reach for your goals, you also learn how to unfailingly direct your attention to your destination. Your destination, alone. The many things that distract you from finishing your tasks bother you less and less as you successfully conquer one goal after the other.
7. You want to reap accolades, which is not bad. Achieving your goals does not impress you alone. Others, too, could see you as an inspiration after you have done great in your chosen path. Praises, however, should encourage you to do more great things and not incite you into resting on your laurels. Just keep getting better and stir more
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