Persuasive Speech: The Lord's Soccer Team

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“As we approach the field to prepare for the game. Help us to remember that we do all in your name. Please be with us as we take the field and guide all of our actions, be our shield. We are a team so we will all share the glory or defeat, and always play fair. Guide our feet to move sooth and swift, and when a teammate is down give them a lift. As we look down the field for a run or pass, remember as your team we should always show class. We will play strong, and hard. If a penalty is given, let us accept our mistakes and know we are forgiven. Let our parents be proud of our actions and play. Let the fans cheer loud in a respectable way. Help our eyes see the ball, and the player downfield. Through the pass, the run, let the goal be sealed.…show more content…
We are thankful for our coach’s guidance and class. Help us be good sports, and show pride for our team. We show we are grateful for helping us follow our dreams. Amen.” As we recite the Lord’s Soccer prayer every time we walk on, and off the field. Soccer is not just a sport, it’s a passion. As I was born into a family, where they were so compassionate for the game. I have been playing soccer, since I was three years old, and ever since I have always wondered if I would ever be like Alex Morgan on the USWNT someday. Often times, I have felt very dismal, the best pick-me-up is playing soccer. Having that strong soccer background from a dad, thinking the soccer field is a magical place. Running against the wind with a ball at my feet is invariably the best feeling ever. Time spent on the soccer field is time spent for self-reflection. Being on the soccer field unaccompanied is an even better feeling. Through playing soccer, it has put a huge impact on my
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