Essay On Quit Smoking

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Did you know that smoking kills? Of course you did, in the current day and age you can’t watch television or listen to the radio without hearing somebody tell you that you should avoid the habit… Yet almost none of these people tell you how to quit, if you know somebody that smokes or you personally have partaken in the activity then you understand the struggle of quitting. Today I’m going to try and help you with just that, now let me start out by first explaining that the most common reason for smoking is stress and it’s impossible to completely avoid that stress. Now to be honest it’s not a science, most people would try to tell you either to just “quit cold turkey” or to slowly work your way out of the habit; however, these people are either…show more content…
Cigarettes are a drug and by giving in even a little you’re falling back into that addiction, and by doing so you will one day get the news that you probably won’t be around much longer. Meaning whatever family or friends you’ve found, you won’t have much longer with. Have I gotten your attention yet…? Before I continue just know that it’s not going to be easy just because you know a couple of tricks, you have to be mentally prepared for what comes when you’re attempting to quit. First off if any of your family or friends smoke you need to try your best to avoid them completely, and if you can’t then ask them personally to not bring up smoking or to smoke around you. Next try your best to always be with somebody that’s prepared to stop you when you’re about to give in, make sure they’re a close friend or family member that doesn’t smoke. They need to be people you trust and people with a strong enough will not to give in if you were to start begging or trying to trick them, remember this IS a drug and you’ll do whatever you can to get back to them. They should also be somebody that you can have some interesting conversations with; even though it’s not as important, it could help you keep your mind off the
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