Persuasive Speech: There Is To Much Sugar In Our Diets

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Persuasive Topic Worksheet The topic I have choice for a Persuasive speech is: There is to much sugar in our diets today and how it affects our health. This topic is controversial because people don’t like being told that something they do every day, such as eating their favorite food, is something they are doing wrong without realizing it. The sugar industry will fight tooth and nail to say that we are not consuming too much sugar and that it does not have a bad effect on our health. The sugar industry has a long history of influencing how sugar is used in the products we consume and the information we receive regarding the effects of sugar on our bodies. I am asking my audience to play closer attention to what they consume on a day to day basis. In today’s society, we go for what looks the most appetizing and for what’s most convenient, rather than whats it is truly healthy.…show more content…
I will also be arguing that there is a link between fatty liver and too much sugar consumption. Fatty liver also goes hand in hand with diabetes. Taking that all into account I am arguing that my audience cut down on their overall consumption of sugar. That by reducing foods with high sugar content, you will feel better and reduce your risk of many diseases. Establishing credibility on why we should cut back on sugar can be demonstrated by showing the involvement in the science of sugar and the sugar industry and how they have influenced the use of sugar in our diets. I will need to show how it affects us and why it is unhealthy. I luckily have no relatives or experience with diabetes in my family or close friends. Taking that into account, I have to establish my credibility by citing my research with credible sources on this topic. An example would be obtaining information from credible sources such as The American Heart

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