Persuasive Speech: Time To Embrace Phones In School

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Title: time to embrace phones in school. The most mind boggling, time wasting, no good of a rule, is not being aloud to have phones in class.
Students and teachers have been debating whether or not students should be able to get on their phones in class or not. Why are we not aloud to have phones in class or school? Why don’t teachers like it? Why do we want to change this situation? How did we get pulled into this predicament? First off we (us students) are not aloud to have our phones in class or school, “Students persistently use them a great deal for personal interactions via social media when they should be paying attention to what is going on in class”(Connie Fawcett). But there can be a certain time the students are aloud to play
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Students having their phones in class is a good way of contacting their parents, or having their parents contact them. If students had their phone with them in class, also were aloud to have the on. Then their parents would have an easy advantage to contact them for an emergency. next if the student wanted to contact their parent to have them bring them food for lunch or something that they forgot at home. Finally it would be a good way for the parents to know if their child was safe if there was an real emergency in the school, like a lockdown, fire hazard, if their kid was safe after a tornado, and or any other bad situation that could happen at the school. “But banning cellphones entirely can create unexpected problems. Many parents support phones in schools so they can coordinate pickups and after-school activities with their children. They also want to be able to reach them in case of emergency.”(Cyndy Taymore).This supports the point, because the teachers don’t know how many times a student has snuck their phone out in class and contacted their parents. To ask them to bring them something they forgot or something they need. Also if their parents contacted them and told them that there was an emergency and or if there was something that their child forgot and their parents had to bring it to them. Like their medicine, or if they had a medical condition and they needed medicine to help
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