Persuasive Speech To Stop Smoking

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Many teenagers are starting to smoke because some of their elder siblings are smoking. If younger ones are trying to smoke they would think that they are already cool or somewhat we called "astig". Why should some people smoke if they just want to chill out in their porch and buy one pack of cigarette to be their habit? I know older people know that they can affect other people but when they start to smoke again they just forget about it. I know they are had to convince to stop smoking and I know they have a choice to quit smoking or not. We should stand as one to help them change their minds or their habit Smoking is the reason why some people have cancer. Tobacco smoke is a toxic mix of more than 7,000 chemicals and compounds (VADM Regina M. Benjamin, Surgeon General). There is what we called the second-hand smoke which is very harmful to smokers and non-smokers. According to the document, there is a Policy Recommendations for Smoking Cessation that refers to a wide range of techniques including advice and guidance and appropriate pharmaceutical aids that aim to encourage and help smokers to stop using tobacco and avoid subsequent relapse (World Health Organization, 2003). Smoking in public should be prohibited because it’s linked with health problems; lung damage, poor blood flow and pneumonia. Smoking can damage our lungs. The smoke of the cigarette which smokers and non-smokers inhaled, it irritate our lungs that lungs that leads to
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