Persuasive Speech: Top 20 Parenting Hacks?

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Top 20 parenting hacks you’ll thank us for (-- removed HTML --) Parenting is hard. To help make your job a little easier, here are 20 parenting hacks. You’ll wonder how you didn’t already know these, and you’ll implement them into your life promptly. 1. Rubber band on doorknobs If you’re worried about your child locking themselves in the bathroom just twist an elastic band around both sides of the doorknob. (-- removed HTML --) 2. Lint roller for craft clean up Do your kids like glitter? Add a lint roller to your arsenal of clean up options. It’ll pick up any glitter, or anything else, off a craft table. 3. An easy way to take medicine No child likes to take medicine, and it can be a huge hassle getting him or her to take it all. Next time your child is sick take a lollipop and dip it in the medicine. Once they lick it off dip it again. Repeat this until it’s all gone, and then they can finish the lollipop. It might take a little longer, but it’s certainly less stressful! (-- removed HTML --) 4. Barrettes are for more than hair If your daughter has a tank top and the straps are too loose, take a barrette and clasp the straps together at the back. It looks cute, and keeps her straps from slipping off her shoulders. (-- removed HTML --) 5. Vinegar for minor burns When your child gets a minor burn, immediately soak a cloth in white vinegar and apply it to the area. Do this until the skin cools down. It’ll help stop

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