Persuasive Speech Topics On Cosmetic Surgery

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My issue is if cosmetic surgery is becoming a mental health issue or if it’s becoming an addiction to many. I will mainly discuss how it’s becoming such a big issue to this society and how it’s affecting many people. A lot of people mostly teenagers are being affected because they see that many people are going on with the procedure. Many people are having the thought that it is only to make them prettier or to boost their self-esteem. However many also argue that since many people are undergoing cosmetic surgery it’s easier for people to just undergo a surgery and wake up with what you wanted. I argue that not everybody is the same there can be many complications undergoing a cosmetic surgery, many believe that having cosmetic surgery can result in good things and come out looking better than before I believe that it’s not true there can be many complications and addictions in undergoing the surgery.…show more content…
People just don 't realize that it has become a big issue because people are so stuck to get something done to them. This generation there is more and more people looking into cosmetic surgery, making it worse, models and artists are becoming their role models giving them the idea to look perfect. They have the idea of looking ugly or finding something wrong with their body making them want to have a procedure done to look better by this it can cause more people to die from health issues while having surgery and undergoing cosmetic surgery if the issue is not addressed. The major problem would be not having the right information get through patients who want to have the surgery
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