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Hi! I’m Vidhu, and along with my partner Katie, we are here to advocate for the bridge that we have created for the town of Needabridge. We hope that by the end of this speech, we believe you will put the “truss” in trust. So how we started was we were given some criteria. This included Now, let’s cut to the chase. This bridge will stretch across Gotnobridge river, to create a safe and reliable way for the citizens to cross from the east to the west side of town. Now, when we were posed with the question “What style of bridge will you make”? An immediate response came to our heads. A truss bridge. We then listed the things we know about them. 1. They last a long time, which means that they are ultra durable and weather resistant. 2. They…show more content…
A truss bridge is one of the only types of bridges that makes it easy to place a road on top of it, rather than built into it. This can be great because if you need to make an adjustment, your money won’t go down the…show more content…
Prior to the creating of our model, we had to go through a series of steps to prove that our bridge was a worthy candidate. First, we went to a professional website where we tested our bridge’s integral structure, to see if it was really structurally stable enough to hold 60 newtons with minimal bending or breaking. As you can see, our bridge held the required 60 newtons with minimal damage. Next, we had to work out what kind of materials we wanted to create our bridge out of, as well as what parts of the bridge we wanted to use for our truss bridge. We decided on making it a two-way road bridge so that the citizens are properly content and satisfied. Now, our original estimate for how much it would be was 600 000 dollars. But, with a max budget of 1 million dollars, we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised that the grand total of the bridge is 572 660 dollars!!! But, the question is, what if something goes wrong? Not that we’re saying that it will, but hey! Murphy 's Law. If something can go wrong, it will. So how will you hold us accountable? That’s easy. Our budget was 1 million dollars. What we said earlier is that is that we have just under half of that left. This amount can be used for an event where an error occurs throughout it’s

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