Pros And Cons Of Washington Memorial

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In our modern culture we memorialize a lot of things. Things like the achievements of great thinkers from the past such as Martin Luther King Jr. and the founding fathers. Other things that we memorialize are the wars that we have fought in the past, honoring those that fought in them. All of the previously mentioned things are put on a wall, given their own special place, or they have a statue made of them. These things are great and they show that those people did a great thing in their life but let’s be honest, we need to cut it back a little bit. If you go to Washington D.C. you can see all these different memorials that all stand for something different. You have the Lincoln memorial, Washington memorial, and so on. Then if you head to the west some you will find Mount Rushmore, which have the heads, of what people believed, the best presidents carved into the mountainside. When you look at all these great memorials that we have built to honor the people of the past you can’t help but feel some sense of awe. The thought that these great people once lived in the same country as you and that the past really did happen. These are all good things to think about but if…show more content…
One, that they were great people that did amazing things that helped further this great nation. Or two, that they were people that stood in the way of another person's way of life, either by just threatening that way of life or taking it away from them. In both of these ways of thinking there is the good and the bad but overall the thing that stays the same is that they really prove that the past happened and someone just didn’t make it up. Whether that past was a good one or not we should remember the people that did good things, and the people that were just trying to live their life like the common people. Everyone, in the end, should be memorialized and remembered for all the good things they did in their
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