Speech About Teenage Pregnancy

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All it takes is one. We should have been meeting you any minute now. The world says not to talk about you. It makes people uncomfortable. With all the over-sharing that our society has created (sonogram pictures, week-to-week baby bumps with varying levels of clothing, delivery room and birthing posts (and videos), the-look-at-my-kid-post-after-post-every-four-hours, naked babies and toddlers, potty training and worse, dirty diaper posts, etc, etc), you would think sharing that you existed would be okay. But unfortunately, you are what is taboo. I cannot be silent any more. I am overwhelmed with the need to break the silence and feel urged to shout it from the rooftops. I was pregnant. I was pregnant one week shy of 12 weeks. We had just taken our…show more content…
It has changed my life. Before miscarrying, I was very uneducated about miscarriage and pregnancy loss. "What was the big deal? You can get pregnant, so why not just try again? I'm sure it's sad, but you'll move on with the next pregnancy." I was ignorant. Every pregnancy is different and unique just as every child is different and unique. They imprint on your soul. Could you choose to lose one of your children? Or simpler, could you have chosen to end one of your wanted pregnancies before ever meeting your now beautiful son or daughter? If you're not a woman, could you do without one of your siblings? Or have a totally different sibling entirely? I keep thinking about the scene in the movie About Time where the man travels back in time and replaced his child with another: what he looked like, gender, personality, interests, everything. All it takes is one. Over the last six months, the decision whether or not to publicly share this has weighed heavily on us due to its magnitude. It's private. It's personal. It's our family. It's our life. It is us. It is me. The silence though, it is deafening. This happened to me. This happened to my husband. It's happening all the
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