Persuasive Speech: We Have Taxed Our Nation

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Gentlemen, may I heed your attention, the matter of the British menace is at our mitts, and we must act against this clear sign of desolate control and governmental imperiality. Unfortunately, Britain has chained our nation to a cold and confined prison cell that has imposed pure despicable manner towards the great colonies of newfound Americas. Forcefully and aggressively, they have taxed our nation with little reason, have bared their rifles and infantry, and annihilated our economy immensely weakening our nation at its unstable and newly founded core. Now is the prime time to cease our connections with such an unlawful parasite, and take our independence with a closed fist and banner.
Colonies far and wide have been plagued from the start with taxes that steal our coin beneath our skin. This epidemic started with the Molasses Act, incomplex and frail, prohibiting “smuggling”, or so classified under British law, but grew into a more monstrous occurrence. The Stamp Act, the bold successor to the Molasses Act, displayed taxing of any kind of official documentation or publication, eventually like a fine snowball on a crisp winter day, it rolls evermore large. The Tea Act, a bolder act than anything before, bringing unrest and drone like enforcement to the eye. Enforcing that all tea be bought from a specific
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It is time to state our dependence no more, and to claim our independence. We are solely damaged by their actions, and never have been helped. Not once since the French Indian War has anything positive come from the British, which would be fine except for their every aggressive and damaging move towards the colonies. They tax our coin unreasonably, threaten us with militarization, and damage our economy. It is time to say to Brittan no more and spread our wings and escape from the coffin that is the control of the British. United we shall take our stand and fight, for the freedom that
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