Heart Of Insecurity

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It’s not whether you get knocked down; It’s whether you get up. - Vince Lombardi
In every people’s life, we succeed, we enjoy everything we achieve in life. Either we won a raffle draw, beat our enemies on a computer games, won sporty games or finished our group thesis. But not all of events in our lives are all positive, we all experienced negative happenings on our lives such as we got bullied, failed a finals exam, got fired on our jobs, split with our partners, got rejected by our love ones, etc. Most of us don’t know how to accept defeat, we don’t know how to handle pressure. Others do suicide, hurting themselves, rebellion etc. By doing that we are as good as the losers.
Just because we lose, doesn’t mean we 're sore loser. But it only
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Maybe there is a part of us where insecurity hides, but there should be a less place in our heart for insecurity. What we see outside is just a tiny portion on what we see inside. Unfortunately, people tend to base a man’s behavior on how that man look. They really mean that when a human looks like a casual man or simple, he is a boring kind of person or maybe that man has no thrill in life. By this time, we should start to look for good personalities because good looks fades, good personalities don’t.
"The future depends on what you do today" - Mahatma Gandhi
It is an everyday battle between present and future. Everyone’s future depends on what we are going to do on our present times. Everything we do in this life matters. If we mess with the things we do now, we surely goes miserable in the future. For example, you do good or well in school, expect that good grades has yet to come, but if we don’t passed requirements on a necessary subjects, expect that bad or unpleasant things are coming.
If anyone watched the movie project almanac, they build a time machine where they can time travel in the past or wherever they want. The movie shows the consequence on each of their mistakes. For every time we do good decision in this life, we could expect good out come on the future. Maybe it’s a good outcome, bad outcome, or anything else. As the quotation said, everything depends on what move we are going to
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