Persuasive Speech: Why Electric Cars Are The Future

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“Why Electric Cars are the Future” Introduction Attention Getter: It was Sunday at park, two college students were discussing about cars. One of them said that imagine about two decades ago, it appeared there was no effective alternative to the gasoline and oil, but now there is a better, cleaner, and more effective substitute to them: electricity. Although electric engines are not so widespread, more and more people consider changing their gasoline-fueled vehicles to electric cars. Then I discovered why electric cars are the future. Reveal Topic: The electric car is a relatively new concept in the world of the automotive industry. Establish Credibility: I have been interested in the electric car and I have reed a number of books and articles about it. Preview Main Points: Today I will show few reasons why electric cars are …show more content…

According to the, Electric cars have low Maintenance cost. Electric cars have fewer moving parts in their power-trains, and maintenance measurement are devoid of things like oil changes, spark plug replacement, and other services required by a complex internal burning engine and transmission. They also have reproductive braking which returns energy to the battery, and spares the friction brakes, so brake pad, rotor, caliper and other maintenance is less frequent typically, as well. (Transition: After low Maintenance cost is fulfilled, the third reason is Safe to Drive.) 3. According to the conserve-energy-future, Electric cars are Safe to drive. Electric cars undergo same fitness and testing procedures test as other fuel powered cars. In case an accident occurs, one can expect airbags to open up and electricity supply to cut from battery. This can prevent you and other passengers in the car from serious injuries. (Transition: When Engineers feel they have achieved major objectives, less pollution becomes the major goal of their

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