Schools Should Be Allowed To Go To School Essay

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One day two girls got on the bus to go to school, but when they got there they were sad. They could not afford to get all the materials and pay all the fees on time! On top of that, the had to be squished on the nasty gym floor for a 2 and a half hour assembly. All the students were hurting and distracted from being on the floor for so long. Once that was finally over the girls decided to go to the library. The library was small, and did not have any books the girls wanted to read. If my school received a 1 million dollar grant, my opinion would be to get an auditorium, a bigger library, and the school will pay all fees and get needed materials for all students. I think that the school should expand the library. We could put in a “reading nook”. There would be big comfortable chairs,…show more content…
They should do that because a lot of stuff kids can afford. School supplies is actually very expensive when its all added up. Some kids family doesn't have a car and they are not able to get it. Then us kids are punished for not getting stuff we have no way of getting. If we are forced to go to school, then we shouldn't have to pay to go there. It's like being forced on a bus thats not going where you need, and having to pay for it. If the school require something, they need to provide it. It's ridiculous to make us get it! We don't like school, we are forced to go, and yet we have to pay for it. I strongly think the school should not have fees and if they do then they should pay them and provide everything. In conclusion, I think my school could really use one million dollars. We need it. All the things I've stated, and more we need! We need an auditorium. A bigger library, and the school needs to pay the fees and get us the materials. If my school received this grant my opinion would be to get an auditorium, a bigger library, and not have to pay for fees and
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