Persuasive Speech: Why We Fight, And Jat Reservations

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First of all, congratulations to Barca fans for beating Arsenal last night, and for Arsenal fans-well played guys grin emoticon
I am deeply hurt as 80% of my Facebook page is filled with “Jats” or “JNU” events, and lesser trolls for which I login to FB. So I decided to write.
Now coming to the secondary issue of “Why we fight” and “Jat Reservations”; but slightly before that I must tell you who I am. I am a human, a Hindu, an Indian, Haryanvi, Brahman, Delhiite, TAFSian,etc. Phew! You can put the word “proud” before the identifications if you want. Wait, wait, I forgot a major one: General (category). It all starts from childhood, in schools, where we are put into different groups and pitted against each other for
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For example, what image comes to our mind with the word ‘jat”. Common stereotyping would generate something as powerful , and non-knowledgeable (Jat-buddhi). Think about power in the hands of a non-knowleadgeable person( you might make this a belief by what you’ve just seen, but please don’t)! Whoa! Acha, and they have enough gyan to safeguard the jewellery by themselves before setting the jewellers’ shop on fire. I have also seen some definitions of Jats floating on FB such as “ Justice Action Truth”,”Jati of Tigers” etc. But we all know that both of these are not the cases. This was about the Jats. “Aree Balbir, leke naam Sunny Deol ka, laga de aanch rail-gaadi…show more content…
What actions have they taken on social media: Sharing emotional pics, videos, articles, criticising the jaat community,etc. (80% of the Jats who are destroying the state of Haryana, I believe are not on FB, and the ones who are, some are even in support of what they are doing. So no use.) Now one image was that of Punjabis distributing food at gurudwara and not asking for reservation. Some Punjabis captioned it “Proud to be Punjabi”.Kya baat hai! Aisa nhi hai ki jaat roti nhi khilaate kisi ko! Jaat community is as good as any other. You are just moving your caste forward. Isme hum mein kaise change aaya? Hai toh hum bhi vhi! (Do not take these words barking at you like Arnab). We cannot do much actually, the real workers are guarding the borders for us. We can just vaunt on social
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