Persuasive Speech: Why Workout Is A Healthy Lifestyle

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Self-introduction. Almost every one of us are so busy chasing our dream. Thinking about what we wish to have. But does anyone of you really thought about your personal health. This is the problem. Society have always neglected the very need of health maintenance. Workout is the solution. When it comes to work out there are so many perspective and today with my almost 2 years’ experience of doing workout I want to persuade you all that workout is not a sport, something much more than it. Workout is a healthy lifestyle. My persuasion will be about one simple question. WHY….. Why people avoid doing work out. Why? And why we should work out? Content Moving to the first part, why people do not work out? What are their reasons? Basically these are…show more content…
Why, why we should workout? Some might think is it necessary to make our body suffer all these pain. Workout is something more than intensive exercise but it is a healthy lifestyle that will affect all of us in a tremendous way either physically, mentally or emotionally. The best reason of all of us to workout is that it reduces your risk of many serious and potentially deadly diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure, obesity, and the lists goes on. First, women are also advised to lift weight to increase their bone density so that you all can avoid osteoporosis. Working out also boosts circulation. Your blood flow more smoothly, which will decrease your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Besides, at the same time, this flowing blood will deliver the nutrients to your skin, helping to detoxify the body by removing toxins (poisons) We all have stress in our lives whether it is the occasional rough day or a more serious chronic problem. Workout is a great way to combat it. Our body will releases a hormone called as endorphins (a natural stress fighter) after your workout. What this endorphins do is that it will boosts your mood and promotes relaxation and getting your mind of the things that stress you out. As a result, your heart rate is slower and the blood vessel become more relax which make it just as effective as antidepressant pills in treating

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