Persuasive Speech: Yann Martel's 'Life Of Pi'

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Hailey Link
Mrs. Bauch
18 May 2016

As stated in a novel by Yann Martel, Life of Pi, ?Territories in the wild are large not as a matter of taste but of necessity. In a zoo we do for animals what we have done for ourselves with our houses: we bring together in a small space what in the wild is spread out (Moosa). Zoos provide a safe environment for animals to live in where they are well-cared for as well as a place for people to learn more about animals. Today I am going to try to persuade you to believe that zoos are beneficial in many ways to both humans and the animals within them. Though many people wish for captive animals to be released into the wild, there are many dangers of releasing animals that have lived in captivity for a majority of their lives.
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If zoos ignore the standards and regulations that are given to them, they will be shut down (?List of Pros and Cons of Zoos?). Today I tried to persuade you to believe that zoos are beneficial to animals and people. Zoos are helpful to animals in many ways and are also a safe place for animals to live their lives. Now that you know how animals are benefitted in zoos, maybe you will begin to realize how fortunate animals really are to be in
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