Persuasive Story Of 12 Angry Men

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The story of 12 Angry Men is a strong persuasive story, about todays biggest struggle between wrong and right. Its smart, creative and It shows the importance of standing up, and not being pressured into doing what others are. Jury 9 and 3, I feel made the most impact on the plot, and the theme of the story. Both characters where interesting through out the story. Jury 3 was a major contributor to the plot of the story, and constantly added outrage. He regularly brought unnecessary remarks and accusations to the jury room. His remarks and comments usually didn 't pursued the other 11 jury’s, but the criticism sure made things more hectic and frustrating. Jury 3 was for sure the antagonist in the story, with out him there wouldn 't of been big enough complications. The young boy of 19 killing his father was a big enough dilemma its self, but it wouldn 't of be enough to make the story positively interesting. Jury 3 was constantly arrogant towards jury 8. He was always telling the others, that jury 8 was lying, and trying to trick them. Jury 3 was essential in the plot, and the buzz of the story. He was constantly fighting back for his own problems with his son. He never took the boy on trial into his consideration. Jury 9, was also part of a major twist of the plot. He was the first to turn the pot of juries, he voted not guilty after voting guilty the first time. This started the changing of the votes and discussion between all of them. Jury 8 pacifically said “I want

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