Standing Up In 12 Angry Men

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The story of 12 Angry Men is a strong persuasive story, about todays biggest struggle between wrong and right. Its smart, creative and It shows the importance of standing up, and not being pressured into doing what others are. Jury 9 and 3, I feel made the most impact on the plot, and the theme of the story. Both characters where interesting through out the story.

Jury 3 was a major contributor to the plot of the story, and constantly added outrage. He regularly brought unnecessary remarks and accusations to the jury room. His remarks and comments usually didn 't pursued the other 11 jury’s, but the criticism sure made things more hectic and frustrating. Jury 3 was for sure the antagonist in the story, with out him there wouldn 't of been
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He brought themes like: hope and precaution to the story. He stood up, and gave jury 8 a chance, when no one else would listen to him. He wasn 't as important as jury 3 in themes of the story, but he did change the theme when he chose not guilty in the second ballet. I think he brought the theme of caring, to the story. Even though it was a little theme, he did care for what jury 8 had to say, and he also cared for the 19 year old boy with a death penalty aging above his chest. He had no judgement, and was willing to listen and save a life when no one else would. Although he wasn 't super important in the themes, he was important in the non-guilty plead they ended up with in the end of the story.

In conclusion, both Jury 3 and 9 where signifiant in the story 12 Angry Men. They both brought signifiant themes and plots to the story, some more important then others but each significant in its own way. Without jury 3, there wouldn 't of been a big enough conflict for the story to be interesting. Without jury 9, there may not of been hope for the boy to live, with out his non-guilty vote the boy might of died. Thanks to both characters, the story was very interesting and its a story people will read for years to come, and I can guarantee
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