Antigone Persuasive Analysis

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Antigone uses both emotional and logical appeals to persuade her sister, Ismene to go against Creon’s rules and laws, to help honor her brother giving him a proper burial, thus giving him a chance at an afterlife. There brother risked his life for others and Creon allowed one of the men to have a proper burial but not him so while Antigone was trying to get Ismene to help give him what he deserves she said “He is my brother. and he is your brother, too.” (Sophocles et al. 191) This is logically persuasive because it is usually common sense to help your family through everything and to do what 's best for them. By choosing to use logic, Antigone is hoping to get her sister to help her. It is also very emotionally persuasive because shes saying that he 's her brother and…show more content…
222) Haimon is using emotional persuading to try to persuade Creon to not kill her because he 's in love with Antigone and wants to marry her so he says if you kill her another one will happen which means that he will dir to because he loves her so much and he is hoping that this makes Creon sad because to a father the thought of his son dying should be very sad and should cause him to do anything to change that but not Creon. Creon would rather be a better king than father. Once again Haimon uses an emotional appeal to persuade Creon, Haimon says “Not here, no; she will not die here, king. And you will never see my face again. Go on raving as long as you’ve a friend to endure you.” Sophocles et al. 223) Haimon is telling his father that if he does this to the women he loves than he will never see his son again which would normally be very emotional for a dad to hear that he won 't ever see his son ever again but not Creon, all he cares about is being fair to his
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