Persuasive Text About Finding Nemo

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Group members: Brittany, Krystiana, and Lexi.
The theme of our bulletin board is Disney’s Finding Nemo. The title of our bulletin board is “Just Keep Reading,” which was created from the famous line “Just Keep Swimming” from the movie. This phrase encourages students to keep reading in order to achieve their goal of reaching 1,000 minutes. After the class completes 250 minutes of reading, they remove the card that is magnetically taped and read about clownfish. The card is written as if it was Nemo speaking to the students. Students will learn facts about clownfish and then Nemo will tell students that he will be visiting his friend Dory. After completing 500 minutes of reading, students will learn more about Dory, whom is a blue tang. Dory will speak to students more about her, what she eats, and how she survives in the big open ocean. Dory will then take the students to the jellyfish. After students complete 750 minutes of reading, Dory will teach students about jellyfish as they will learn many interesting facts. After students complete 1,000 minutes of reading,
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We asked students to raise their hands if they have seen the movie Finding Nemo or Finding Dory, and as expected, they were all huge fans! For our incentive, we will have a “turtle station” and a “fish station.” Students will be placed into two groups in order for them to design their own fish or turtle. Students will be given a plate in which they will add pre-cutout shapes of a variety of colors of construction paper, streamers, and tissue paper to their turtle and fish models. Students will be provided with glue sticks in order to glue on this material. Students will also be provided with markers and crayons to add any addition designs. Students will also be provided with jewels in order to make their fish or turtle sparkle! We will staple the legs and head of the turtles, as well as the fins of the fish for
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