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If you 've received a ticket in California, you don 't want that minor traffic error to mar your driving record. It can cause your insurance rates to increase. There are certain instances where you can go to traffic school to mask the traffic ticket. While it 'll still be visible to the DMV and the courts, the insurance companies won 't know you had a problem. Do I Qualify for Traffic School? People qualified for traffic school have a few general requirements like having a valid driver 's license, driving a non-commercial vehicle and a ticket that involves a moving violation. You must complete an application with the appropriate court before starting your 5 dollar traffic school course. There 's a fee with the court as well as a fine that must be paid before your course can begin too. You have three months from the date of your payment to complete your course.…show more content…
Those Not Qualified for Traffic School In California, you can 't have a speeding violation that goes over the limit by more than 26 miles per hour. If you 've attended traffic school within the past 18 months, you are not eligible to complete traffic school to mask your ticket. Why 5 Dollar Online Traffic School? When you opt for completing a traffic school course with 5 dollar online traffic school, you are avoiding the boring, tedious coursework available in a classroom. The courses available are ones that are approved by the California DMV. When you choose this traffic school online, you 're able to have instant access to the courses and tests that you need to pass. The certificate you receive after passing the course is automatically e-filed with the DMV and court. What 's Included in 5 Dollar Traffic School Online? As many course attempts as you need to pass. Instant grading of your courses and

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