Persuasive Water Bottles

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Imagine that water bottles were never actually used for water. Ironic? Well, in many cases people use water bottles for transporting other drinks such as: gatorade, soda, and in some cases alcohol. For many high schoolers this is the case. For example at school some teachers allow you to have water bottles only consisting water in them. On the other hand students try to be sly and put clear soda, sprite, in them. There has been a case that students were putting clear alcohol in these bottles and consuming it at school. Come on guys, first of all it’s called a “WATER BOTTLE” for a reason you put water in it!! Thanks to your actions the rest of us are facing the consequences. The other thing, you don’t need to be consuming alcohol at a high school age. It’s ILLEGAL to have possession nevertheless consume alcohol under the age of 21. Also, is school just that boring that you feel you need to be drunk in class? School is there for you to better yourself and to help you get an education. You may think it’s boring and useless, trust me i’ve been there, but think about all the people whose one wish is to be able to learn. Don’t take advantage of it, be grateful.…show more content…
Next time uses the water bottle for only water, follow the rules, and think about the consequences before you act. But, on the other hand, there has been a case of a teacher consuming alcohol at school. Like seriously? If you need to drink to teach you need to be out of here! Don’t get me wrong, the teacher was kicked out of here. All in all, no one should be drinking at school. If you’re unhappy with life don’t turn to sneaking alcohol and consuming it, talk to someone about your issues, I’m more than positive they can
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