Graduation Speech: Possible Change In Competitive Sports

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Good evening parents. Gathered here today are the mothers and fathers of this youth sports club, discussing the possible change to competitive sports. I remember when I was 6 years old. My father and mother signed me up for pee-wee baseball that year, T-ball. I gained many friendships from that sport. I still see some of those rascals, but remember why I hated that sport. Now the game of baseball it 's a spectacular art, I was a clumsy 6 years old who has been hit where it counts and be embarrassed in front of 2 teams and a couple stands full of spectators at 7. Now granted my story isn 't the same as many of your children, your kids asked you as at a young age to play this sport and you all have let them, but now we are deciding for…show more content…
There are “More than 26 million children at ages 6 to 17 played team sports in 2014, down nearly 4 percent since 2009 [...] ” (Rosenwald 1) These direct numbers stated that show how many kids have dropped out of sports since 2009. That number playing in 2015 was 24,960,000 kids compared to the 26 million. That is a huge number difference. 1,040,000 kids didn 't play in that 5-year span of time. Roughly 1 million kids who dropped out because of parental influence. Now to continue this trend, kids should be “Creating and setting goals [...]” which “[...] is an integral part of being an athlete. They give direction and represent a place in the future where one wants to be. Without them one is just going through the motions.” (Mango 2) The excerpt is trying to say that a child is supposed to decide what he or she wants to do with there life in the future, whether it contains sports or not. It is not their parents to decide what happens to the child in their future life. This is the part of the competitive sports that needs to be eliminated so that kids can have an enjoyable time. Thus, how parents are influencing their children into playing competitive youth sports when they aren’t
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