The Silent Horse Analysis

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Warm hearted and mystical, this film beautifully portrays a family reconciliation with a twist of the supernatural at the end. As mentioned above, the horse seems to have supernatural origins and we see the horse placed in an array of different settings; firstly the Reilly’s apartment, riding in an elevator and then to a movie theatre. The two young boys submit performances that are captivating. It’s a tale that has been crafted to suggest that even living a hard, terrible life, freedom will also happen. It also tells us that in a cruel, corrupt world, children’s intuition are vital. In a mix of pessimism and dreaminess, like in any fairy-tale, dreams do win in the end. The depiction of the travellers and the world in which they live in is…show more content…
The sons teach the father, by bringing him face-to-face with his failure as a father and a failure to step up as the ‘’ King of the travellers ‘’ to the people of the travelling community. He wallowed in self-pity which, then in urn le to his own destruction. His obsession with his loss shattered his family and left in him exile. His two young sons and the horse act as a guiding light to return him to original sense of self. At the end of the film, Papa Reilly is now in a position who can teach his two young sons everything that they need to know: love, respect and the importance of family in one’s life. Tito asks his Papa if travellers were either cowboys or Indians and he states that ‘’ There 's a bit of a Traveller in everybody ‘’(Into The West). We must appreciate Into The West for its statement about nationalism. ‘’ Into the West" will capture the imaginations of older children who like horses, ghost stories and the unbridled freedom that the travelers embody on screen ‘’ (…show more content…
She works for the ill-natured, malicious Miss Kelly ‘’ Nettles Kelly ‘’. She is then shocked when the kind natured priest Father Flood recognises a quality that she does not recognise in herself. He offers to sponsor her emigration to New York, where a land of opportunities await. She makes the wrenching decisions and accepts, not wanting to appear ungrateful, and sets off on a new journey. Hornby condenses this part of the story without damaging its emotional charge; Eilis’s departing is full of sweet sorrow. Love, a key theme in most films is central in Brooklyn. She loves both of these men but sooner or later she has to choose. Both men, Tony and Jim, offer themselves to her and a possibility of life. The relationship between Eilis and Tony develops delicately and at last Eilis begins to feel happy. Then, Eilis receives bad news from Ireland which tears her apart. A sense of longing and love that she had once felt for Ireland has awoken within her and she feels that she now has a sense of duty towards her remaining family. Jim, whom she had once thought was an unremarkable man, suddenly becomes more interesting to her. Tony’s inarticulate go

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