Comparing Pascal's 'Thoughts And Candide'

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Throughout Pascal 's "Thoughts" and Voltaire 's Candide they communicate their pessimistic views of reality, but their views of the human condition contrast in various ways. Voltaire uses the protagonist of his story to represent hope and as a result of this character 's determination, he is able to survive the struggles of life. In addition, Voltaire writes of a character that continues to persist past unfavorable circumstances in hopes of life getting better. Lastly, Voltaire expresses that when a person gets what they have been anticipating, instead of being happy, they are simply content. In contrast, Pascal believes that humans choose to follow their heart because people believe their heart is good. Also, Pascal believes that the human condition is the aspiration to figure out the unknown. The notion of the uncertain leads Pascal to talk a lot about the afterlife. He states humans live a life that encourages the hope that their afterlife will be superior. Pascal believes that the human…show more content…
Candide is the main protagonist in the story Candide, by Voltaire. Candide chooses his actions for the potential prospect of marrying his love, Cunégonde. Candide says, " 'That 's what I 'm longing for, because I was expecting to marry her; and indeed, I still hope to, '" (Candide, 66). He proclaims that marrying Cunégonde is the only pleasure that will make him complete as a person, "It 's essential for me to go and find Lady Cunégonde" (106). Not only does he want to marry her, Candide indicates he is doing it out of neccesity. Candide 's desire to marry Cunégonde explains Voltaire 's ideal that the human condition is to desire love and purpose. On the other hand, Pascal describes an altered view when compared to Voltaire, because Pascal employs following the heart is a reason for humankind to
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