Pest Analysis In Pakistan

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12. Pest Analysis:
A Pest analysis is a business measurement tool. Pest is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Environment and Technological factors, which are used to assess the market for a business or organizational unit.
 Political Factor:
Pakistan over the last few years has had a major impact on the economic, political and social well-being of the country. The crisis is the most palpable to an average citizen of the country in terms of its direct and trick lets down effect.
There exists a strong correlation between availability of electricity and the level of social human development. In 2002, UN set a limit of 1000KwH per capita electricity consumption for a society to experience medium level of human development. The per capita
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The infrastructural sectors, especially power have direct bearing on the improvements of all production companies. Industrial output growth in Pakistan has closely tracked the movements in the composite index of infrastructure industries during 2000s and 2007s. This observed relationship between infrastructure growth and industrial performance has important implications for sustaining higher output growth. The decline of infrastructural growth between 2008s and 2013s was mainly from the decline in growth of electricity, coal and petroleum—essentially the energy sub-sectors.
 Social Factor:
The new hydropower plant adversely affected the human being and the other animals. The core problem in displacement is people’s loss of livelihood and their potential impoverishment. The forcibly displacement of communities, create hamper the production system. Many jobs, much valuable land, trees and other income generating assets are lost. Link between producers and their customers are
Sever and local labor market disrupt.
Thermal power plants use the low variety of coal for power generation which causes many environmental
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Swot Analysis:
14. Porter 's Five Model:
Porter 's 5 Forces is an analytical framework for assessing business competitiveness strategies in a particular market. They have such types to implement.
 Competitive rivalry.
K.e is a sole provider of electricity but due to the illegal use of electricity k.e is insisted to take action against the thieft but unfortunately this also effect the reliable customers in the society ,like load sheding also effect the good customers and lose its goodwill but due to its monopoly consumers don,t have any other choice. K.e should take precaution while taking an appropriate action against the thieft because it ma also cause the lose off apportunities for business oriented peoples and the important human resources in the society it may effect their routine work.
 Bargaining power of suppliers:
Increased promotional activities, safety trainings and safety audits have led to a reduction in the number of accidents in K-Electric this thing impact on a good face of our all suppliers like PSO,SSGC and many others to continue to provide all facilities to generate electricity and provide safely in our city.
 Bargaining power of

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