Strategic Management In Today's World

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The importance of the strategic management in today’s world is very vital. The dynamic changes in the business environment of every organization rapidly escalate than expected. Regardless of the market, the increasing complexity sets up new challenges for the management personnel that forces them to be in control. To achieve satisfactory results in such conditions requires effective strategic management. Generally, strategic management is based on setting an organization‘s long-term development direction. The main business objective of this is to achieve a competitive advantage over other organizations by properly controlling resources and maximizing competencies within the organization.

The culture of the business, the skills
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Their responsibilities plays a vital role in the company. They translate policies and formulate them into company’s goals and directions. They are also responsible in the development of strategic management for both the success and failure of the company. While the Sales Officer and Technicians as the key personnel are equally vital to the role of top management. The key personnel help in the continuing implementation of business strategy because they serve as the front liners of the company. Feedback on the services and repeat business will depend on how they manage customer service for satisfactory results. The loss of key personnel could have a material adverse effect on the operations of the…show more content…
The company believes in partnering with its customers so as to provide customized solutions that are needs-based. The following were considered as strategic alternatives of the company:
1. Marketing strategy – a differentiation from their competitors in terms of promotion by selling the company as an ally not just as products. Intense offer of extremely reasonable prices and market penetration of prices through lower prices shall be undertaken where need be, while premium pricing in the case of upper-end of the market. Pros : GCC will position itself as a reliable computer and solutions provider and trusted ally who makes sure that the systems work. Cons : High-end quality service has to match the cost structure to assure good service and support must be balanced with the revenue they charge.

2. Strategic alliance – GCC intends to go strategic alliances with several organizations to re-assure their customers that they are investing in “winning” products, technology and service that are maintainable, flexible and scalable enough to meet future
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