Pest Analysis Of Mahligai Wedding

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A popular technique for identifying these external factors is PEST analysis which can help to consider political, economic, social, and technology issues (Team FME, 2013). This PEST analysis is based on is the result of literature review and FGD with chiefs in Mahligai Wedding. It analyze those external conditions and the implications to Mahligai Wedding. Political It is always advisable to keep pay attention to the changes in the government. It cannot be denied if there can be big implication from the change of political situation. West Java is one of provinces in Indonesia that will hold governor election. There will be Bandung mayor election too. The current mayor, Ridwan Kamil will run in the election of West Java governor. During his leadership he has produced many achievements for Bandung. One of beautiful things about Indonesia is its cultures. That is why the government is very supportive of cultural preservation, especially mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil who has won cultural award from Coordinating Minister for Development and Culture, Puan Maharani. Mahligai Wedding is an SME that runs a business that related to culture because the many of procession of marriage in Indonesia are still using some elements of custom adopted each culture including in West Java. Cultural preservation efforts are strongly supported by the government, both state and local governments. In the city of Bandung cultural preservation efforts is one of the missions of Bandung city:

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