Pest Analysis Of Marriott

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A familiar organization and its PEST analysis
Apart from the internal factors that confront an organization, there are external factors that could have profound impacts on the performance of the organization. These factors can be analyzed to know how big effects they might have on the success of the organization. One important and effective tool for assessing an organization’s external macroeconomic factors related to a particular situation is the PEST Analysis. Basically, PEST is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social, and Technological (Carpenter, Bauer, & Erdogan, 2010). That being said the organization I have chosen to perform a PEST analysis on is the Marriott International, Inc.
Marriott International, Inc. is recognized as one of
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Civil unrest could occur if the political climate is ‘toxic’ and this could translate to a business slowdown. Marriott International is in a resort and hospitality industry and therefore, subject to taxation. So it is necessary that the organization considers the tax policy of its business environment and how they will affect its operation. Essentially, the organization has examined the trade alliance of the country where its business is located in other countries. For instance, trade agreements with governments in the EU, NAFTA, ASEAN, and others have increased its confidence to effectively invest in these countries. So in conducting a PEST analysis on this organization, the question is, how stable is the political environment? How will the tax policy affect the organization? Does the country’s government in trade agreements with stable countries? A careful analysis indicates that Marriott International, Inc. is politically guaranteed to effectively transact business in these…show more content…
will benefit and continue its expansion strategy while increasing its revenue. While advancement in technology facilitates a great prospect in the organization, my answer becomes obviously positive because customers could book, pay, and check-in via the online transaction without necessarily carrying piles of cash. This is one of the benefits of technological advancement in the business world. Furthermore, the organization can eventually communicate and reach more customers through the social media. In a nutshell, Marriott International will be confident in exploiting the industry and would seek to maintain a competitive edge over
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