Pest Analysis Of Morrison

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Strategic Management Executive Summary – The project covers up the relationship between corporate and its functional strategic policies. The company here exemplified is Morrisons which hold a great sway over the UK market. The project shows the immense opportunities and challenges in which confront Morrisons in entering the Chinese market. It also takes up the current vision and mission of the company and throws light on its future prospects. Introduction – through the PESTEL analysis and Porter’s five force analysis, the project embarks on building up a strong relation between the company and its clients. The company Morrisons has a strong base and it needs to expand its branches. The project explores the possibilities of expansion of the company into the new market and mentions the threats which have to deal with, to make the most of the opportunities. The SWOT analysis formed after the PESTEL analysis and Porter’s five forces analysis reveals that though there are immense possibilities for the company, but it has to be alert always and keep check on its own growth and regulatory norms. The wide variety of products available in the market confuses the customers. It is the work of the company to take this as a challenge and prove its worth by satiating the customers with its products, leaving them with the choice of selecting their products only. Task 1 PESTEL Analysis The PESTEL stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors.

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