Pepsico Porter's 5 Forces

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PepsiCo stands out as a company because of its sustainable advantage in the beverage industry which mainly focus from consumers point-of-view ultimately is PEPSI-COLA.
Pepsico, Inc. was established through the merger of Pepsi-Cola and Fritto-Lay in 1961, Pepsico, Inc. is a Food and Beverage company that manufactures food, snack and beverage to supply to consumers at a convenient reach globally. The company focuses on the consumer’s health as well, leading to the products under Good-for-You portfolio of products to be created which are tasty, wholesome and nutritional to merge into the daily needs of everyone.
Political factors
With Pepsico structured within the immense competitive markets, with any downturn on taxes targeted to
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Strategic Recommendation
Forecast customer trends
By forecasting the customer’s trends of the market, by doing marketing research on the product consumption rate accordingly against each product in order to both eliminate the low popular ones and to focus on the new ideas thus creating new products that are suitable for consumer needs.
Increasing awareness
To publicize more towards the other countries which are less-populated and not well known to increase Pepsico presence , in such ways not only other countries will get to know more of Pepsico brand.


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