Pest Analysis: The Pestel Analysis Of Tourism

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In this chapter, the external factors that could influence the tourism sector at the destination will be formulated based on the PESTEL analysis. PESTEL analysis involves accessing the ‘political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal’ (McCabe, S. 2010). (Firgue). Clegg, S. R., Carter, C., Kornberger, M., & Schweitzer, J. (2011). Strategy: theory and practice. Sage.

These factors determine the extent to which a government may influence the economy or a certain industry. For tourism industry, It is necessary to analyze the political environment of the destination area, the visa restrictions and the government’s attitude to tourism. (Page, S., & Connell, J. 2006). France is a developed country, the political
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France has the world’s 5th largest and 2nd largest economy in Europe ( The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in France was worth 2829.19 billion dollars in 2014. An d the GDP rate has increased from (-0.1% in 2013 to 2% in 2014), this reveals a better economic situation, in fact France weathered the economic crisis better than the other big countries of Europe. Considering the aspects it seems that the economic position in France is favorable to setting up a tourism…show more content…
As what I mentioned before, Cannes has its own Facebook page can promote itself (chapter 6). Besides, Cannes innovate their own official website, whose main task is transfer the information throughout the world. In the website, user could find Cannes practical guide, video, and presentation some general information. Furthermore, users are able to know what they can do in Cannes, what the agenda is, tourists could prepare everything well if they look through the website before travel. More details, the booking services offered in the site, including the accommodations and restaurants, provide many choices for tourists. If have any questions, people could communicate the online tourists office. It can be one of the best communication channels for connecting the

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